Puppy Manual

If you are very new to Bichons, you will especially appreciate our new Bichon Owners Puppy Manual.

This extensive manual will answer just about any question a new owner may have, even those who have never owned a Bichon before.

This comprehensive, in-depth 20+ page guide for the new owner comes in a binder with pockets, so that additional paperwork can be included, such as the pedigree, registration forms, and bill of sale.

As part of the package that goes along with a new puppy, we will include a complimentary issue of The Bichon Frise Reporter.

Single copies $20
includes a recent copy of the magazine

Canadian customers add $8 postage
Overseas customers add $10 postage

(Dollars are U.S.)

We also have Puppy Manuals written specifically for the Shelties, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Yorkshire Terriers. These manuals will save the breeder many hours of instruction and answers questions on a wide variety of subjects. Please contact us for more information regarding these.


Bichon Frise Reporter

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