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Spring 2024

Grooming by Lindsey: Let’s Talk Hocks; Mayno’s Column; Breeder Guidelines – Are We Biting The Standard?; Showing Dogs: How I Got (Back) Into Show Dogs; BFC of Puget Sound show coverage; Interview With Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche DVM, Belle Creek Bichons; Health: Fading Puppy Syndrome, Updated

Winter 2023

Bichon Database: New Bichon Frise Pedigree Database in Progress; Grooming By Lindsey: Maintenance and Matting; Mayno’s Column: Breeder Guidelines – Before You Breed by Mayno Blanding; The Good Old Days – maybe! Placing a Puppy – Memories of a Breeder by Jean Fergus; AKC News: Top 20 Year End Standings for Owner-Handled; Breeder-Forum With Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche DVM, Belle Creek Bichons; Northwest Notes: The Miracle of Puppy Development by Diann Sullivan

Fall 2023

Specialty Coverage: Bichon Frise Club of America Judges’ Critiques by John Hutchison, Louise Botko, Wendy Hutchison and Karen Graeber with more coverage by Donna Demartini; The Bichon Frise Club of San Diego coverage by Jenny Listug; Grooming By Lindsey: Many Hands Make Light Work by Lindsey Dicken; BFC of Puget Sound Specialty coverage by Cherie Ekholm; Mayno’s Column: Three Excellent References for Breeders; From the AKC: Ear Cleaning; Confirmation Titles: Let’s Get Your Titles Right.

Summer 2023

Mayno’s Column: Breeding to the Standard – Temperament and Soundness; Grooming By Lindsey: Tool Maintenance; Canine Parasite Preventives (Parasiticides) Risks vs Benefits by Vickie Halstead; Breeding: Singleton Pregnancy; Congratulations . . . Maybe? by Bruce Christensen; Breeder Forum with Wendy Whittle, Calvada Bichon Frise; Top Breeders Sires and Dams for 2022.

Spring 2023

AKC News: National Owner-Handler Series; Mayno’s Column: Puppy Instructions – Typical Puppy Day; Nutrition: Human Grade Dog Food; Grooming by Lindsey: The Great Shave Debate; Better Breeding: The Quality of the Tail-Female Line; Bichon Frise Club of San Diego Winter Specialty Re-cap; Proper Handling for Juniors and Adults by Breeder-Judge Jon Ferrante

Winter 2022

Show History: A Brief History of the Santa Barbara KC by Theresa A Clyde; The World Team Grooming Championships by Lindsey Dicken; Mayno’s Column: Looking for a Breeder? by Mayno Blanding; Judges Speak with Bob Skow, Glacieridge Labradors; For Your Puppy Packet – Five Things Puppy Owners Should Do; Health: Why Dogs Need Boots in Cold Weather

Fall 2022

Specialty Coverage: Bichon Frise Club of America National Specialty, judges’ critiques; Bichon Frise Club of Puget Sound by Cherie Ekholm; Bichon Frise Club of San Diego show recap; Woofstock at Vallejo, California; Mayno’s Column: Training for Conformation; In Memory of Gerry Paolillo; Grooming By Lindsey: Tool Talk – Brushes and Combs


Summer 2022

Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2021; Specialty Coverage and judges’ critiques from the Bichon Frise Club of San Diego; Being an Ambassador by Mayno Blanding; Health: Nutrition for our Dogs; Nails – The long and Short of It by Lindsey Dicken

Spring 2022

Mayno’s Column: Good Sportsmanship; National Coverage: 2021 BFC of America Judges’ Critiques by Rick Day, Anne K Catterson & Mary Ann Clark; Grooming by Lindsey: Corrective Grooming Techniques; Critical Temperament Consideration in Puppies; Ring Stewarding: Behind Every Good Judge; Some Guidelines in Choosing a Professional Handler; Humor: The Things People Say!

Winter 2021

The Health of the Bichon Frise by Mayno Blanding; Getting To Know featuring Mirage Bichons, Lewis Waldeisen; Performance: Versatility, thy name Bichon! by Anna Hillman; Whitening Shampoos by Lindsey Dicken; Health and Breeding: Canine Hereditary Autoimmune Hypothyroid Disease, Implications for Your Dogs’ Health and breeding Programs by Vickie Halstead

Fall 2021

Mayno’s Column: History—Why it Matters; Specialty Coverage BFC of San Diego; From the Past: Preferred Type vs Breed Type by Donna Jones; Specialty Coverage BFC of Puget Sound 2021; Breeder-Forum With Lindsey Dicken, Solstice Bichons; Whelping: Tips for Breeding to Achieve Pregnancy and Optimal Litter Size by Vickie Halstead

Summer 2021

Winning in Challenging Times of Covid 2020 by Donna DeMartini; Grooming By Lindsey Dicken; The Versatile Bichon—Conformation, Obedience & Performance by Anna Hillman; Remembering Dorothy Macdonald; What You Need to Know About Guardia in Dogs; That Nasty Iliopsoas Pt 2, Conclusion by Anna Hillman; Kids and Puppies by Mayno Blanding; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2020

Spring 2021

A personal story: GChP Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love by Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche DVM; Westminster 2018 Memories of Flynn; Puppy Cognition—The Making of a Brilliant Canine Mind; Reproductive Health: Cabergoline and Bromocriptine for Canine Reproduction; Breeder Heads-Up Regarding Covid-19 Scams; That Nasty Iliopsoas; Chocolate Toxicity; “The Legend” and a Newcomber Compete at the national Agility Invitational; Canine Allergies Pt 2