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Welcome to The Bichon Frisé Reporter Homepage! This is just a small taste of what you will find in our FULL SIZE (8-1/2" by 11") Bichon publication, stuffed full of PHOTOS, many in FULL COLOR, where you can meet WHO'S WHO in Bichons and Bichon owners! In each issue of The Bichon Frisé Reporter magazine you will find what you are looking for - the top breeders, the top exhibitors, stud dogs, grown dogs, puppies, and also products and services for your Bichon.


Spring 2023

Spring cover 2023

In Every Issue:

List of back issues available, Bichon related websites,
Bichon breeder listing, New title holders, Top 20 Conformation,
Upcoming show information, show results

The Bichon Frisé Reporter offers help with all aspects of Bichon care. Every Bichon Frisé lover will appreciate “The Bichon Frisé Reporter”, published quarterly, and chock full of helpful information, advice, tips, useful listings - all about just Bichons. You can find everything - from locating ethical Bichon breeders, making a Bichon puppy purchase, health concerns, Bichon Frisé Specialty shows, to finding a local Bichon Frisé Club. And most of all, help in making a decision regarding showing, or breeding your Bichon.

Back Issues of The Bichon Frisé Reporter offer more helpful information
Our back issues page, with contents, will give you exactly the Bichon information and advice you are seeking, just when you need it; plus pictures of the winning and producing Bichon Frisé, current and past, to fill out your knowledge of Bichon Frisé history.

Help with new Bichon puppies
The New Bichon Frisé Owners’ Puppy Manual will answer your questions about the care, vaccination schedule, housebreaking, feeding, grooming and training your new Bichon puppy. It comes with a free back issue of The Bichon Frisé Reporter.

Offering you more,
for less money.

• Informative articles by experts in their fields

• Interviews with top breeders and/or handlers

• Where you can meet Who's Who - the top Bichons and their owners and breeders

• Statistics on Top 20 winning Bichons in conformation, Top 40 year end final standings

• Stories of rescued Bichons, performance Bichons, and Bichons for just loving

• Products and services for your Bichon

• Beautifully designed pages by top graphic artists





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