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Look for the back issues you need! A wonderful source of articles on grooming, obedience, selecting a puppy, health issues, as well as interviews with the people who have contributed the most to the advancement of the breed!

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Front Cover, Fall 2012
GCh SAKS Hamelot Little Drummer Boy

Winter 2023/24
Bichon Database: New Bichon Frise Pedigree Database in Progress; Grooming By Lindsey: Maintenance and Matting; Mayno’s Column: Breeder Guidelines - Before You Breed by Mayno Blanding; The Good Old Days - maybe! Placing a Puppy - Memories of a Breeder by Jean Fergus; AKC News: Top 20 Year End Standings for Owner-Handled; Breeder-Forum With Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche DVM, Belle Creek Bichons; Northwest Notes: The Miracle of Puppy Development by Diann Sullivan

Fall 2023
Specialty Coverage: Bichon Frise Club of America Judges’ Critiques by John Hutchison, Louise Botko, Wendy Hutchison and Karen Graeber with more coverage by Donna Demartini; The Bichon Frise Club of San Diego coverage by Jenny Listug; Grooming By Lindsey: Many Hands Make Light Work by Lindsey Dicken; BFC of Puget Sound Specialty coverage by Cherie Ekholm; Mayno’s Column: Three Excellent References for Breeders; From the AKC: Ear Cleaning; Confirmation Titles: Let’s Get Your Titles Right.

Summer 2023
Mayno’s Column: Breeding to the Standard - Temperament and Soundness; Grooming By Lindsey: Tool Maintenance; Canine Parasite Preventives (Parasiticides) Risks vs Benefits by Vickie Halstead; Breeding: Singleton Pregnancy; Congratulations . . . Maybe? by Bruce Christensen; Breeder Forum with Wendy Whittle, Calvada Bichon Frise; Top Breeders Sires and Dams for 2022.

Spring 2023
AKC News: National Owner-Handler Series; Mayno’s Column: Puppy Instructions - Typical Puppy Day; Nutrition: Human Grade Dog Food; Grooming by Lindsey: The Great Shave Debate; Better Breeding: The Quality of the Tail-Female Line; Bichon Frise Club of San Diego Winter Specialty Re-cap; Proper Handling for Juniors and Adults by Breeder-Judge Jon Ferrante

Winter 2022/23
Show History: A Brief History of the Santa Barbara KC by Theresa A Clyde; The World Team Grooming Championships by Lindsey Dicken; Mayno’s Column: Looking for a Breeder? by Mayno Blanding; Judges Speak with Bob Skow, Glacieridge Labradors; For Your Puppy Packet - Five Things Puppy Owners Should Do; Health: Why Dogs Need Boots in Cold Weather

Fall 2022
Specialty Coverage: Bichon Frise Club of America National Specialty, judges’ critiques; Bichon Frise Club of Puget Sound by Cherie Ekholm; Bichon Frise Club of San Diego show recap; Woofstock at Vallejo, California; Mayno’s Column: Training for Conformation; In Memory of Gerry Paolillo; Grooming By Lindsey: Tool Talk – Brushes and Combs

Summer 2022
Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2021; Specialty Coverage and judges' critiques from the Bichon Frise Club of San Diego; Being an Ambassador by Mayno Blanding; Health: Nutrition for our Dogs; Nails - The long and Short of It by Lindsey Dicken

Spring 2022
Mayno's Column: Good Sportsmanship; National Coverage: 2021 BFC of America Judges' Critiques by Rick Day, Anne K Catterson & Mary Ann Clark; Grooming by Lindsey: Corrective Grooming Techniques; Critical Temperament Consideration in Puppies; Ring Stewarding: Behind Every Good Judge; Some Guidelines in Choosing a Professional Handler; Humor: The Things People Say!

Winter 2021/22
The Health of the Bichon Frise by Mayno Blanding; Getting To Know featuring Mirage Bichons, Lewis Waldeisen; Performance: Versatility, thy name Bichon! by Anna Hillman; Whitening Shampoos by Lindsey Dicken; Health and Breeding: Canine Hereditary Autoimmune Hypothyroid Disease, Implications for Your Dogs' Health and breeding Programs by Vickie Halstead

Fall 2021
Mayno's Column: History—Why it Matters; Specialty Coverage BFC of San Diego; From the Past: Preferred Type vs Breed Type by Donna Jones; Specialty Coverage BFC of Puget Sound 2021; Breeder-Forum With Lindsey Dicken, Solstice Bichons; Whelping: Tips for Breeding to Achieve Pregnancy and Optimal Litter Size by Vickie Halstead

Summer 2021
Winning in Challenging Times of Covid 2020 by Donna DeMartini; Grooming By Lindsey Dicken; The Versatile Bichon—Conformation, Obedience & Performance by Anna Hillman; Remembering Dorothy Macdonald; What You Need to Know About Guardia in Dogs; That Nasty Iliopsoas Pt 2, Conclusion by Anna Hillman; Kids and Puppies by Mayno Blanding; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2020

Spring 2021
A personal story: GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love by Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche DVM; Westminster 2018 Memories of Flynn; Puppy Cognition—The Making of a Brilliant Canine Mind; Reproductive Health: Cabergoline and Bromocriptine for Canine Reproduction; Breeder Heads-Up Regarding Covid-19 Scams; That Nasty Iliopsoas; Chocolate Toxicity; "The Legend" and a Newcomber Compete at the national Agility Invitational; Canine Allergies Pt 2

Winter 2020/2021 - SOLD OUT
Mayno's Column: For Safety's Sake; Breeder-Forum With Shyla Newton, Shyladawn Bichons; Health: Postpartum Problems in the Bitch; Westminster Kennel Club news

Fall 2020
Mayno's Column Raising Puppies From The Same Litter; Breeder-Forum with Dale Hunter, Craigdale Bichons; AKC's Trick Dog Program; Prostatic Disorders in the Dog

Summer 2020
Breeder Forum with Janet Hartman, Shira Yuri Bichons; AKC Guidelines to reduce spread of Coronavirus; 
Covid-19: Thank goodness for the dogs; Companion Sports; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2019; 
AKC Suggested Practices for the Well-Being of the Sport

Spring 2020
Breeder-Forum by Diane Jansey, Bestow Bichons; Meet The Breeds; The Classic and National Invitational Agility; Odd Animal Friends: Cody Craig and Lucky Seven; Twelve Steps to a Happier You; Therapy Dog: Greetings from North Carolina; The Importance of Health Testing; A "Miracle: for Fading Puppies?

Winter 2019
The New Owner Handler; The Importance of Health Testing; Handling the Specials Dog by Richard Beauchamp; Taking The Bite Out Of Bad Breath (and much more); Diet: Does It Make a Difference?; Companion Sports: What Does the National Specialty Show Mean to Obedience and Rally Competitors?

Fall 2019
In Recognition of Joe Waterman; FDA Provides Third Status Report into Possible Connection Between Certain Diets and Cases of Canine Heart Disease; National Coverage including the judges' critiques; Partnering in K9 Fitness; The Importance of Genetic Research With Purebred Dogs; Getting a Reliable Recall

Summer 2019
Checking Out The AKC Website by Mayno Blanding; Can Dogs Get Measles?; Slab Fractures and Bones Warning; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2018; Just for Fun: Other Breeds

Spring 2019
Tear Stains on Dogs: Tips for Clearing Up The Streaks; Westminster Kennel Club coverage; Performance Sports: Our Little Sporting Bichons; Companion Sports: The Bichon Who Stopped The Show at Westminster (Winky!); Public Relations—Helping Buyers by Mayno Blanding; Barbara Stubbs Memorial

Winter 2018/19
Public Relations-Getting To Know You by Mayno Blanding; AKC News: Government Relations Helps Protect Your Dogs, Breeding Program; Breeder Forum With Sandra Fair, Fairspride Bichons; Performance Bichons: Our Sporting Bichons by Anna Hillman; Grooming: Shadowing the Master-Rick Day

Fall 2018
Public Relations--The Initial Contact; BFCA of America National Specialty Coverage, judges'critiques; Breeder-Forum with Sharon Hunkins, SHE Bichons and Cotons

Summer 2018
Microchipping: The Saga of Bibi; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams 2017; Caninen Influenza Virus Notice; Pet Pot and the Canine Cannabis Dilemma; Breeder-Forum With Linda Rowe and Deb Gibb, Hollyhock Bichons; Show coverage from the BFC of San Diego 2018

Winter 2017/18
Holiday Hints; The Quest For a Brood Matron; Preferred Breed Type: Why the Stand-Out Dog Can Be a Loser; The New Owner-Hander; Humor: Standard of the Breeder/Owner/Handler; My Journey to the World Grooming Championships by Lindsey Dicken

Fall 2017
2017 BFCA National Specialty results, critiques and other coverage; Feeding The Bitch and Her Puppies Q & A; Performance: Cute and They Know It; AKC News: More Regulations Needed for Animal Shelters and Rescues; Canine Allergies, Pt 1; Building Winning Pedigrees; The Obedience Bichons of the 2017 Specialty

Summer 2017
Feeding the Bitch and her Puppies by Mayno Blanding; BFC of San Diego Show coverage; Westminster show coverage; In Memory of Cecelia Ann Ruggles; In Memory of Charles Watts; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2016; Marijuana Poisoning in Dogs; Performance: Prioritizing Whole Dog Health

Spring 2017
Three Excellent References for Breeders; Richard Beauchamp on Bitches: The Bottom Line; Judges on how to deal with irate exhibitors; Black Holes in a Pedigree

Winter 2016/17
Eukanuba World Challenge News; Looking for a Breeder? by Mayno Blanding; Pet Owner to AKC National Owner-Handled Series by Carol Duntemann; Dog Show Etiquette: Considerations for Show-Giving Clubs; Health: Coughing, Coughing, Coughing, But Why?; Marlene Steiner, Hot Stuf Bichons Memorial; Breeding: Tips for Success With Fresh, Chilled Semen Breedings

Fall 2016
BFCA National Coverage including the judges' critiques, On The Road to the 2016 BFCA National by Anna Hillman, Wishing For a Win in the North Start State by Mayno Blanding, and Actions Spoke Volumes by our Bichon Frise Reporter Guy; Interview with Lorrie Carlton and Larry Letsche, DVM, Belle Creek Bichons

Summer 2016
The Economic Benefits of Dog Events; Breeder-Forum With Michelle Brosdal and Carol Konik, Doriann Bichons; A Conversation With Bill McFadden; Westminster 2016: A Breeder Owner Perspective; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams - 2015; BFC of San Diego Show Coverage; Stud Dogs: Searching For the Superior Sire

Spring 2016
From Royal Prissy Paws to Hounds At the Helm; Breeder of Year 2016; On The Road to the 2015 AKC Obedience Classic; A New Emphasis on Junior Showmanship; About Seminars; Richard Beauchamp on What is a Stud Dog?; Leaky Dogs: A Primer on Urinary Incontinence

Winter 2015/6
Sire of Significance: Am./Kor. GCh. Ch. Intl., Am., Kor., Fl., Ee., LV, BALT, MBIS, MBISS Wendan Out On Parole From MusicBox ROM; Al Story; Puppy Placement (Pick of the litter; What does it matter?); Handling: If It Isn't Broke Don't Fix i t; Feeding: When Is A Meal Not A Meal?

Fall 2015
2015 BFCA National Specialty Coverage; Breeder-Forum with Erayna Beckman, Legend Bichons; Heartworm Disease; Puppy Care; Nutrition: Applying A Lean Look To Feeding

Summer 2015
BFC of San Diego Show Coverage; Breeder-Forum with Karen Paulson, Sue Swindle and Sheri Kennedy, Absolutely Bichons; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams - 2014; Agility: BFCA Agility Trail On The Run; In Memory of Lois Morrow, Chamour Bichons

Spring 2015
Westminster Show Results; Recognizing A Gem of a Breeder: Joanne Rubin; Breeder-Forum with Joanne Rubin, GloryB Bichons; Showing: A Newbie Goes to Westminster; Canine Arthritis; Thoughts on Puppy Milk Replacers

Winter 2014
Versatilly: Boku's Story; Health: The Dangers of the Cuterebra Fly (Botfly); Health: Legg-Perthes Disease; Reproductive Health: Loss of an unborn litter and False Pregnancy; Luring: Lure Coursing

Fall 2014
Agility: BFCA Holds All Breed Agility Trial; Presenting Your Dog: how to make your dog more competitive in the ring;Safety: Dogs Poisoned by Marijuana; Seizure Disorders in Dogs; Stem Cell Update; Aspirin and Ibuprofen: Are human pain meds safe for dogs?

Summer 2014
BFCA coverage including the National Write up, Judges' critiques; BFC of San Diego show coverage; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2013; In Memory of Richard Beauchamp; Puppy Placement: Pick of the litter--what does it mean?; Health: The Truth About Seizures; Health: When is it time for a Urinalysis

Spring 2014
Breeder-Forum with Viva Luo, Overtop Bichons; Judges Speak About the Reporter; Eukanuba results and judge's critique; Dogs and Wills: How to leave a legacy for your pets; Health: Tick Paralysis; Rosmarie Blood memorial.

Winter 2013/4
Custody: Dogs and Divorce; Canine Behavior: Think Like Your Dog; Juniors: Helpful Hints for Juniors; Health: Anal Sacs, Probiotics, Safe Prevention of Parasites, Gallbladder Mucoceles; Best Of Eleanore: Your Handler and You

Fall 2013
BFCA Show Results, Judges' critiques, National Write Up; Judging Your First Assignment; Heartworm Disease; Old Dogs With Murmurs.

Summer 2013 - SOLD OUT

Spring 2013- SOLD OUT

Winter 2012
Future Breeder Mentorship; Breeder-Forum featuring Donna Jones/MusicBox; Health issues on car sickness and Early Spay-Neuter Considerations.

Fall 2012
Show results BFCA National Specialty, National 2012 Write ups, Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2011, Conformation: Evaluating Dogs Pt 1

Summer 2012
Health: Dangers and Unbelievable Uses for WD40; An Interview with Bernice D. Richardson, Cali-Col Bichons; Westminster: Super Bowl of Shows; Sandra Madia memorial; Health: Anethesia Myths and Urban Legands; Behavior: Stopping Your Dog from Barking; Campaigning A Dog: Secrets of Show Success

Spring 2012
Sire of Significance: Ch Judges Choice High RIdge RIght On, "Reno,"; Health: A Dog's Sense of Smell; Breeder-Forum with Diane Ayres/Loch Vale; HSUS news; Humor: Letter from a Bichon Mom; Breeding: Dealing With Birth Defects and Basic Breeding Principles

Winter 2011
Sire of Significance: BISS Am Int Ch Bijone's Solo Of Loch Vale ROM; Health: Pro-and Prebiotics - What are they and what do they do?; Judging Specialties: One Dog at a Time; Contracts: To Avoid Misunderstandings Stud Contracts are a Must; Tragic Loss of Bloodllines and Mentoring Pt 2; Grape and Raisin Poison

Fall 2011
National coverage including results and judges' critiques; Mentoring: The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America; Club Spotlight on BFC of Western, Pennsylvania; Sire of Significance, Ch Risgae Sweets Treat At MusicBox; Kennel Spotlight on So Much Better Bichons.

Summer 2011
Murphy, The Therapy Dog; Club Spotlights, BFC of San Diego and BFC of Northern New Jersey; Follow Up on Xylitol; Conformation: Piece Works or Symmetry?; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2010; Breeding Strategies: The Downside of Inbreeding, it is Time for a New Approach; HSUS: Six Members of Congress Join Call for IRS Action; Dog Behavior: The Eyes Have It; Become a Good Mentor; More on Flat Puppies "Swimmers"

Spring 2011
Health: Probiotics: Food or Drugs?; Swimmers (aka "flat puppies"); Dangers of Xylitol; Sire of Significance BIS BISS BPIS Am Can Ch Fluffette Encore At Kenningway ROM feature; Breeder-Forum with Maria-Jose Bernal, De Ishibilia Bichons; Breeding: Considerations When Breeding Your Bitch.

Winter 2010
Whelping Story: The Puppy Who Wouldn't; Video Your Match: A Great Learning Tool; BFC of Greater L.A. news; Cats and Dogs Can Get Along; Behavior: It's in the DNA - or Not?!; Health: What's Thyroid Got To Do With It?; My Contract Legal Nightmare; "Epileptic" Seizure Disorders; Unwritten Rules of Dog Shows

Fall 2010
National Write Up, Results and Judges' Critiques; AKC Announces New Grand Champion Title; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2009; Health: Is Flea and Tick Control Safe?; Preventing Accidental Deaths; BFC of Western Pennsylvania show results.

Summer 2010
How to Advertise Pt 2; Breeding Challenges: There is no mapquest for breeding dogs; Pyometra: An Open and Shut Case; Contracts: Co-ownership contracts (When Two's a Crowd); Specialty results BFC San Diego; Memorial issue for Virginia Le Cave, Cameo Bichons; Health: Lumps, Bumps and other Growths; Puppy Health: The fine line; Traveling with your dog; "RV"ing it! Conditional Registration: Will it Impact You?; Diet, Training tips and Tricks!; Grooming: Toenails, a quick primer

Spring 2010
Health: Your dog may someday save your life; Should we stop "littering?"; Breeder/handler forum with Danielle Ardagna/Vogelflight; Puppy Evaluation: Testing for proper placement; Rescue Pt 2; DNA Testing; Health: Berry Good Supplement Antioxidants for show dogs


Winter 2009/10
Breeder spotlight with Barbara Chappell, Taywyn Bichons; Health: Enzymes, The Spark Plugs for Your Dog's Engine, Fun Match Story; Rescue: These Changing Times Pt 1; Health: Kidney Disease; Warning: Poisonous Holiday Plants AVMA Animal Facts; DNA Testing: Who is Really My Daddy?; Great Gaines from No Pain; Scratching The Surface

Fall 2009 SOLD OUT

Summer 2009 SOLD OUT

Spring 2009
What Is A Title:?; Calcium and Regulation Vitamin D for Health; Congenital Canine Cardiac Defects (PDA); State of Bichon Health Today Pt 2; Handler Forum with Krystle Broersma/Jabez

Winter 2008/9
Breeder Forum with Lorrie Carlton & Larry Letsche DVM, Belle Creek Bichons; An ROM story: Am Int Ch Jadeles November Melody; 2008 National Critiques from the Judges; Hereditary Canine Cardiac Diseases: Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Fall 2008
National coverage including results, write ups, and judge's critiques; Top breeders, sires and dams for 2007; Breeder/Forum with John and Christine Kellow, Pinefield Bichons, In Memoriam: Verna File; Performance: An Introduction to Companion Events Pt 2; Health: Bichon Orthopedic Problems; How to Advertise (Revisited) Pt 1

Summer 2008 
Breeder Forum with Vickie Halstead, Victoire's Bichons; Bichon Health: C'est CHIC!!! Pt 1; Whelping Tale; Health: Bichons and bladder stones revisited; Performance: An Introduction to Companion Events Pt 1; Bichon History; Senior Care; Breeding Strategies: Selecting Breeding Stock: Do we need another way?

Spring 2008
Handler forum with Dennis and Katey Brown; Club Activities: Learning to say NO; Geriatric Care; Nutrition: Vitamin K#; Bichon Orthopedic Problems; Performance Training; Puppy Mills--A Rant

Winter 2007/8
Bichon History: Understanding the Bichon from a Historical Perspective By Mayno Blanding; 
In Memory: Pauline Schultz of Paw Mark Bichons; Health: Titers or Vaccines Boosters? Breeding Better Dogs: Building a Better World of Breeders By Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Fall 2007
BFCA National Results; Interview with Kay and Jim Mitchell/Sasikay; Pauline Waterman memorial; Tops for 2006 and all time Tops; Hypoallergenice Dogs

Summer 2007
Handler Forum Lisa Bettis; More on Designer Dogs; Breeding Strategies; Lori Kornfeld Memorial

Spring 2007
Mary Vogel Memorial; Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Pt 2; Designer Dogs; Approval to Judge; Inherited Traits; Jurnior (and adult) handling; Geriatric Care; Puppy Sales

Winter 2006/7
Interview with Kieth and Sandra Hanson, SAKS; Answers to all Your Questions; Cross Breeding:Designer Dogs; United Kennel Club

Fall 2006
Interview with Kendra James/Kenningway; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2005; Health: Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia; Allergic Dermatitis; BFCA National Results and coverage

Spring 2006
Dam of Significance: Ch. Prancing Full Of Cuddles; Bichon Beauty and how to maximize it; Do dogs have strokes?; More on Puppy Strangles; Exploring the Mys-teries of Liver Shunts.

Winter 2005/6
Sire of Significance: BIS Ch. Paw Mark’s Sunny Side Up; Two Important Health Alerts; Pet Bichons; Dog show courtesies; A Fresh Food Diet; What Breeders Need to Know About the Immunse System; Diseases Caused from Pets

Fall 2005
Sire of Significance: Doriann’s Int;’l Man Of Mystery; Conformation: The Mark of a Champion; BFCA National & Chicagoland show results; Therapy Bichons; Eleanore Grassick/Glen Elfred interview.

Summer 2005
Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2004; Interview with Nicole King-White; Tube Feeding; Chlorinated Water: A Big No-No; Hero Bichon saves a Life;Mast Cell Tumors

Spring 2005
Ch. Special Times Just Right!; Interview with Kayley Kovar; Raising pups to be good companions

Winter 2004/5
Rick Day/Risgae interview; Combating Skin Probems; Shark Cartilage; Demodicosis; Using Pedigrees; Training; The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know about the Immune System Pt 2; Rolande Lloyd Memorial.

Fall 2004
Crufts UK; Breeding Better Dogs; Overseas news, Crufts Dog Show and State of the Breed; Homeopathic Health; Immune System Pt 1; Allergies; Puppy Strangles; Interview w/Judith Thayer/Jadeles

Summer 2004
National Results, Chicagoland Results, Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 2003, Sharron Heigert/White Pine interview.

Spring 2004
Better Breeding: Nature vs Nurture; Health: Probiotics; Gertrude Fournier memorial; Interview with Irene Libby, Valentine Bichons

Winter 2003/4
Therapy Bichons; The Story Behind Xerlane Kennels; Puppy Mills interview Mrs. Patti Strand; Online Litter Registration news; Richard Beauchamp book review.

Fall 2003
Tops for 2002 (Breeders, Sires & Dams); The Wise Use of Preventive Medicines; Vaccinations; Advertsing: It pays to what?

Summer 2003
Interview with PaRay; Crufts 2003; BFCA Nat’l results; Breed Rescue; Grooming (Skunked); AKC Enhances DNA Cert. test

Spring 2003
If You Are A Hobby Breeder; A “Miracle” Potion for Fading Puppies; Tear Staining Pt 2; Temperament From Anxiety to Self-Destruction; How to Prepare an Ad pt 4; Interview with Laura Purnell/Tomaura; Improving the Odds, Pt 2; Tumors and other disorders

Fall 2002
National Results; Edd Bivin interview, Early Obedience Training; Dewclaw removal; Puppy Proofing Yard and Home; Profiling a Puppy Buying Prospect

Summer 2002
Tops for 2001; Training: Doing Crating Right; Con formation: The Elusive Proper Front

Spring 2002
Bichons and Seizures; How to Prepare an Ad Pt 3; Tribute To Beemer; Craigdale Flamenco Dancer; Unintended Consequences by Dr. Al Grossman

Winter 2001/02
Canadian National Critique; Making Room; A Comparison of Havanese and Bichon; Flavio Werneck Memorial

Fall 2001
Tribute/Interview with Joe and Pauline Waterman; Dog Shows of Years Past Pt 1; Longevity-Doing Something Right

Summer 2001
How to Prepare an Ad Pt. 2; BFCA Nat'l Results; Epilepsy Treatment, Inheritance and Research; Breeding, Making it the Perfect Match; Alleviating Arthritis, Pt. 2

Spring 2001
Tribute to Roger Caras; Fourth World Congress News; Coat Care: Two in One Shampoos; Health: Alleviating Arthritis Pt 1; Air Travel With Dogs

Winter 2000/01
Jim Gerarge Memorial Issue: BFCA Tribute to Jim; Rimadyl in With Liver Disease

Fall 2000
National Results and Writeups, Vacinnes: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Anne Jones; Whelping, Some Neonatal Tips by Cheri Cully; Chronic Skin Disease by Jenny Drastura

Summer 2000
The Big Scam--Rabies Vaccination by Dr. John Fudens DVM; Coat Care by Earl Takahashi; The Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics by C. A. Sharp

Spring 2000
Patellar Lucation (Dislocated Knee) by Anne Jones; Eye Stain, Colloidal Silver: What is it, and is it Safe?; Spotlight on John and Leanne Wise, Clarion

Winter 1999
Sire Of Significance--Ch. Craigdale Yoannewyn El Toro, Bichon Health by Anne Jones, Tribute to Betty Shuck

Fall 1999
Canine, Behavior, an Introduction by Earl Takahashi; Top Breeders, Sires and Dams for 1998; Health--Pancreatitis or Liver Disease? Reverse Sneezing

Summer 1999
Breeder’s Forum--Doris and Maggie Hyde; Top 40 Stories for 1998, Rumor Tribute; BFCA Specialty Results

Spring 1999
Breeder’s Forum--Mimi Winkler; The Immune System & Disease Resistance Pt 2; Under Eyelid Infections, Judges’ Comments

Winter 1998/9
Patellar Luxation; Jean Fergus Interview, Sale Agreement Guarantees

Fall 1998
Dog Food-Special Recipe, Frozen vs. Fresh Semen, Homeopathic Medicine; Mayree Butler (Reenroy) Memorial

Summer 1998
Top Breeders, Sires and Dams 1997, Tracking Bichons, Grooming Your Bichon Without Straining Your Back, Top 40 Write-Ups

Spring 1998
Placing Puppies, Choose Your Handler Wisely, Heart Diseases, Poisonous Plants, Holistic Care (Heartworm-Alternative Treatment); The Immune System & Disease Pt. 1

Winter 1997/8
Mycoplasma Infertility; Carol Crane, Karoluk memorial; Lanolin and Oil; Obedience Training-Using Positive Reinforcement

Fall 1997
Handler Forum: Lisa and Mark Bettis; Phoebe Caldwell Memorial

Summer 1997
1996 Top 40 and Top 40 write-ups; Top 1996 Sires & Dams, Natural Therapies for the 21st Century Breeder

Spring 1997
Breeder Forum McNamara & Collier, Limited Registration: Limited Application

Winter 1996
Natural Health Care; Grooming; Scientific Approach to Breeding Healthy Dogs; Natural Therapies for Dealing with Skin Problems

Fall 1996
Bichon History, Socialization Training; So You Want to Buy A Puppy

Summer 1996
Eye Stain Removal; Web Pages for Bichon Lovers, Obesity in Bichons

Spring 1996
Sire of Significance, Montravia Jazz M’Tazz; Handler Forum - Paul Flores

Winter 1995
The Dog Crate and Your New Puppy, Nutrition During Gestation

Fall 1995
Breeding--Back to Basics, Beauchamp articles; Finding the Modern Bichon, Bichons of Foreign Lands

Summer 1995
Dual Ring Bichon, In Defense of Handlers

Spring 1995
Medical--Ovulation Timing, Special Interest --Bichon Faces From the Past

Winter 1994
Evaluating Puppies, How to be a Successful Novice, Health--Bad Teeth & Heart Problems

Fall 1994
Top Producer Statistics for 1993, Finding a Gene That Causes Hip Dysplasia

Summer 1994
Bichon Rescue, Utility Dogs in Training; Advice to New Owner-Handler

Winter 1993/4
Dangers of Pest Control, Vitamin Therapy, Hiring a Handler, Healthy Feeding

Fall 1993
Teeny Tepees Chief Of Diandee Tribute

Summer 1993
Ch. Bunnyrun Over The Rainbow Tribute; Owner-handling, judges

Spring 1993
Ch. Beau Monde The Huckster Tribute; Surviving an AKC Inspection, Early Training & Socialization

Winter 1992/3
BIS, BISS Ch. Jalwin Just A Jiffy ROM Tribute, Slipping Stifles, Health of the Newborn Pt 2

Summer 1992
Ch. Vogelflight’s Music Man ROMX; Tribute, “Pit” After Delivery

Summer 1991
Top Producer by Richard Beauchamp

Spring 1991
Dog Proofing Your Home, Tear Staining- Causes & Methods for Clearing It Up;Training Your Dog to Sparkle In The Ring

Summer 1990
A Conversation with Gertrude Fournier Pt 5

Dec-Jan 1989
Fournier, cont’d., Selling Puppies By Phone

Oct-Nov 1989
Dog Astrology, Fournier, cont’d.

Aug-Sept 1989
Conversation with Gertrude Fournier

June-July 1989
Breeding, The Hobby Breeder

Dec-Jan 1988
Pet Pediatric Nutrition

Oct-Nov 1988
Seller Safeguards, Etiquette of Stud Owner

June-July 1988
Flea Control by Sonia Riggs

April/May 1988
Handling the Specials Dog Pt 1 by Richard Beauchamp; British Bichon: The Stud Dogs; Just A Brood Bitch

February/March 1988
Showing: Choosing the Dog to Special Pt 2 by Richard Beauchamp.

Oct-Nov 1987
Trimming Nails

June-July 1987
Richard Beauchamp-What is A Stud Dog?

April-May 1987
A Visit to British Dog World

Feb-March 1987
Bitches--The Bottom Line by Beauchamp; Breeder’s Forum: Anne Jones, Enjoue; Bichon Frise: The Early Years by Gertrude Fournier

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